How It Works

Our Model

SolSolution adapts the same for-profit PPA model and ramps it up with high impact, non-profit benefits. The PPA model we adapt is the proven, for-profit model that’s worked for schools, homes, and businesses across the country. SolSolution simply adds one more step to the process to re-cycle the financial benefits that other PPA providers reap and transform them into tangible benefits for your school.

With our 20-year E-PPA (‘E’ for educational), we not only remove all the upfront costs just like other PPA providers, but we reinvest what other providers would consider profits back into the educational budgets of low-income schools. What that means for you, as our solar school partner, is lower electricity bills over a long period of time and even more money for your educational budgets.

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4 Phases to Go Solar

We have developed a streamlined, 4-phase process for your school to go solar. Our team is experienced and dedicated to making your solar experience as smooth and convenient for you as possible.