Our School Partners

Aruna’s Place Preschool


Sudbury, MA

Date Installed and Commissioned

December 3rd, 2011

Total System Size

3.9 kW

From Aruna Pundit, Head Teacher and Founder of Aruna's Place

We are one of the few award-winning green schools in the country. Our preschoolers recycle, reuse, conserve and know all about saving our environment. So it has been a great adventure to be part of SolSolution's energy saving solar panel installment program for schools. We love their commitment to provide low-cost electricity to schools all around the world.
We have been working together with Soren and his caring, bright staff and are very impressed by their thoughtfulness and dedication to make our school even better by providing low-cost solar energy. Our children are learning more and are looking forward to being part of a great start for SolSolution.