Save on Electricity Today

The solar numbers add up for your school today

$0 Upfront

You read that right! There is absolutely no upfront cost to going solar with SolSolution. You let us use your roof, and we take care of everything else. SolSolution provides all of the financing for the solar panels that will go on your roof. SolSolution is committed to our school partners. From preliminary assessments and design to operations and maintenance, our dedicated team is here to make it easy for you to go solar.

Save from Day 1

As soon as the panels are installed on your school’s roof, they begin generating electrical power for your school. Based on your current electricity rates and usage, SolSolution ensures that it makes good financial sense for your school to go solar.

Reduce Price Volatility

You may have noticed that your electricity prices have been increasing at wildly varying rates from year to year. With SolSolution, your solar electricity pricing is known up-front for the entire lifetime of our agreement. No guessing. No surprises. No market fluctuations. Just inexpensive clean electricity with prices that you can count on.

Control Your Own Budget

As state and federal governments provide less and less funding to support K-12 education, we see that school administrators are caught in an extremely unfortunate and uncomfortable financial situation. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We understand that you want provide the best education for your students possible, but you need the resources to do it. That’s where our solar solution comes in. Our services will help your school take back control of the budget crisis and allow you to better serve the students and staff within your school community.

Keep Teachers in School

Passionate, dedicated teachers are an invaluable part of any school. Losing even one due to budget issues is not only devastating for the teacher but also for the students and school as a whole. With a stronger teaching force at your school, you will be able to maintain small class sizes, boost student engagement, and support the well-being of your school community in more ways than one. Going solar with SolSolution is a powerful solution to protecting one of your school’s most valuable resources.