Demonstrate Your Commitment to Sustainability

Make Your School Even Greener

It’s cool to be green. Your school may already have student environmental groups excited about recycling, buying local, and reducing waste. Or maybe you have science teachers designing innovative classroom lessons that introduce environmental science and engineering experiments. Together with SolSolution’s services, you can take your school to the next level with solar panels on your roof.

Reduce your Environmental Footprint

A 100 kW capacity photovoltaic system in MA* could generate over 107,000 kWh of electricity per year. This translates to over 89,000 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions reductions, or the equivalent emissions from over 8,000 gallons of gasoline in driven vehicles. And those reduction happen every year the solar panels are operational on your school’s roof.

You can also see real-time data on how much energy and electricity our solar panels have saved at our current solar schools. See the Impact

Be a Leader in Your Community

Schools are the central hub for many communities. It’s a network of many people that coalesces into one larger family. Going solar on your school, therefore, will not only have an impact on classrooms within your facilities but also in the community beyond your doors. Your school will be at the forefront of inspiring homes and businesses in your neighborhood to go solar as well and lead your community to greener, healthier lives for many generations to come.

*Based on what conditions