Why Choose SolSolution

We are the best solar for schools solution

SolSolution makes it extremely easy and financially attractive for schools to adopt solar power. Then, we take what would normally be profit and reinvest those funds into low-income schools and educational programming focused on solar energy, STEM education, and green-entrepreneurship.

We guarantee that SolSolution will provide your school with the easiest and smoothest experience to go solar. Not only do we beat our for-profit competitors on price alone, but we also ensure that the solar PV system on your roof and supplemental educational offerings are perfectly suited to your school’s needs. Learn More

Reinvesting in Education

With our E-PPA model, SolSolution reinvests what other providers would consider profits back into improving the education of our partner schools. Through our STEM educational offerings, Solar Ambassadors program, and Solar-Powered Schools Granting Program, SolSolution offers all of our partners schools significant additional educational benefits by going solar with us. Learn More

Energize Your School with More Than Just Solar Power

We will work closely with a select group of students at your school to engage them in the process of going solar. They will have the unique opportunity to apply their science and math learning in class to a real-world application right at their own school! Learn More

Our Dedicated Team

Our passionate and driven team members time and time again prove to be why schools like you choose to partner with SolSolution. We provide schools’ officials personalized attention to answer any questions or concerns that may arise at any point in the solar process. We build real, long-lasting relationships with each school because we want to see your school improve and succeed as much as you do. Meet Our Team