Best Solar for Schools Solution

SolSolution provides the best solar solution for schools for three reasons

1. We provide a solution that helps schools focus on educating

SolSolution aims to help schools operate more efficiently by providing a solution that makes financial sense now and in 20 years from now. That allows educators and administrators to focus more of their time on the valuable education that they are providing students. Learn More

2. Our educational mission aligns 100% with yours

At the end of the day, we want to provide the best education possible for our kids. We want to prepare them with the knowledge and skills to solve the big issues of today and tomorrow. We want to help train the next generation of inventors, engineers, and energy leaders that will lead us all into a brighter future. Learn More

3. We are your trusted partner

The SolSolution team is committed to you as a long-term school partner. We don’t just come in, install the panels, and forget about you. Treat you as case file #089A4. We will help you understand the process of going solar at each phase of the project, and even after the panels are installed, we stay involved in your school community with our educational programs.