Become a Solar Ambassador

Energize Your School with More Than Solar Power

Hands-on Solar Learning

SolSolution engages with your students from the very conception of your school’s solar project by selecting a group of students to be Solar Ambassadors. With our technical guidance at each step, students will learn how to calculate the solar potential of their school, collect the necessary information from their school officials, and build the foundation for relationships between their teachers, principals, solar installers, and SolSolution.

In the process, Solar Ambassadors will be empowered to interact with school officials on a meaningful new level. Moreover, we will provide them with the tools and materials to excite and educate their fellow classmates and school community about the benefits of going solar. SolSolution Solar Ambassadors are also essential links to helping us understand what students are hungry to learn and curious to explore in the classroom.

Together with our Solar Ambassadors, SolSolution ensures that each solar installation is perfectly suited to your school’s electricity and educational needs.

Check out an example of the solar-inspired educational experience we did with the MIT Office of Engineering Outreach Program Middle School Mentoring Program.

High School Solar Ambassadors

Are you a high school or middle school student excited to help your school go solar? The SolSolution team is ready to help you make that happen. As our Solar Ambassador, you will work closely with our team members and learn to perform solar analyses. We will help you collect the appropriate information to talk to your teachers and fellow classmates about how much of an impact solar can make at your school.

Download our Solar Ambassador description for more information on how to apply and work with SolSolution.

Become a Solar Ambassador Mentor

Calling all college students: interested in leading Solar Ambassador workshops and working closely with younger students? SolSolution is seeking passionate, motivated, and enthusiastic college volunteers to serve as our Solar Ambassador Mentors who will assist in teaching our workshops. You could be the inspiration and encouragement they need to pursue studies and eventual careers in STEM.

Feel free to download our Solar Ambassador Mentor description for more information about being a Mentor and how to apply.